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Lower Blepharoplasty: The Functional Muscle Sparing Technique
by Dr. Oscar M. Ramirez MD FACS
Blepharoplasty is a time-honored operation that entails removal of skin, muscle and "fat pads" from the lower eyelids. From my point of view this operation is obsolete and should rarely be used in patients.
figure 1
Removal of "fat pads" or "bags" will lead to "surgical enophthalmus" and cadaveric or beady eyes. In many cases it will also accentuate the "tear trough deformity". Removal of muscle particularly in the lower eyelids will lead to eyelid malposition and ectropion with all the devastating side effects including corneal damage and blindness.
Standard lower blepharoplasty incisions can lead to drooping of the lower lids.
Because of these problems, for many years I have been using different "muscle sparing procedures" that can be adapted to different patient’s problems and aesthetic goals.
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