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Mandibular Matrix Implant System
Disharmony between the skeletal support and the soft tissue envelope is a common cause for aesthetic concerns on the lower face. Loss of volume or genetically small mandible affect the aesthetic and function of the mouth, chin and neck.

Due to their limitations for correction of these problems with current implant designs made of silicone or porous polyethylene, I have developed an implant system and a method to restore the entire mandibular volume. I call this: "Mandibular Matrix Implant System"

This implant system is made of high density porous polyethylene and is composed of an articulated wraparound geniomandibular chin implant and a wraparound gonial angle implant. A prejowl implant can be integrated in the system as an addition or a replacement to an implant. This implant system has different sizes and projections and can be modified by carving to fit the requirements of most patients. This is done with the guide of the appropriate sizer. The implant system is indicated in:

  1. patients with congenitally small mandible,
  2. edentulous patients and
  3. patients requesting facial enhancement.
The Mandibular Matrix Implant System is applied as a sole procedure or simultaneously with a facial rejuvenation. The complete system has been used in over 60 patients.

Complications were manageable: one mandibular angle implant displacement and one infection. Satisfaction rate has been excellent and I was able to solve aesthetic problems that in the past I considered unsolvable.

Out-of-state patients will require a 7-10 day stay in Baltimore. Typically the patient can return to work 1-2 weeks after the surgery or sooner.

Before - Frontal View After - Frontal View
Before - 3/4 View After - 3/4 View
Before - Side View After - Side View
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