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Endoscopic Facial Rejuvenation: Facelift without scars or "Scarless" facelift
A "scarless" facelift is a relative term for a procedure of facial rejuvenation in which the incisional scars have been minimized to tiny slit incisions in hidden areas. Because these incisions are not readily visible, the term "scarless" facelift has been coined for this procedure..

This procedure uses endoscopic techniques to perform not only facial rejuvenation, but facial beautification and/or enhancement.

To explain further, endoscopy is a type of surgical technique that prevents the need for long incisions, allows faster healing and generally results in fewer side effects than traditional techniques.

Endoscopic techniques have been successfully applied in many other applications such as general surgery, gynecology, orthopaedic surgery, etc. Now, the technology and expertise is available for application in many plastic and cosmetic surgical procedures. Dr. Ramirez has been one of the pioneers of these techniques and he was the first in the world to perform a complete facelift that includes the forehead, midface and neck with tiny incisions.

The technique can be technically demanding and is operator and instrument dependant. So, intense and repeat training is necessary for surgeons to become an expert in these modalities.

To rejuvenate the face, the patient would require an endoscopic forehead lift, an endoscopic midfacelift, endoscopic insertion of implants, endoscopic neck lift or a combination of any of the above procedures.

Dr. Ramirez's approach to facelift is individually tailored to the patient's needs. "For younger patients up to the age of 50, I use a full endoscopic technique without skin incisions. For older patients who require a more radical facial rejuvenation, I use a combination of endoscopic techniques of the central oval of the face (forehead, midface, chin) with the standard cervicofacial rhytidectomy that address the jaw line and neck. Unlike the commonly used incision for lifting the jaw line and neck the incision that I have designed will not distort the sideburn on the ear."

Endoscopic Forehead and Facelift: Step By Step for surgeons.

Before - Frontal View After - Frontal View
Before - 3/4 View After - 3/4 View
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