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Facial Procedures

The aging process is not only a matter of sagging skin; but also a matter of volume depletion related to fat atrophy or fat migration to unwanted areas of the face. Lately modern medicine has realized that changes in the bones of the face, especially through atrophy can also significantly affect how we look as we age.

Whether you are worried about aging -- or a natural deformity -- of your face, Dr. Ramirez offers are variety of solutions to rejuvenate your face and correct any facial defect. These range from short term solutions like non-invasive injectables and fillers that last 6-8 months to longer lasting solutions like rhinoplasty and face lifts, including Dr. Ramirez's own Facial Matrix™ procedure. All of his procedures are used to refresh the face giving it a more healthy and natural look.

Which technique is best for you depends upon several factors, including your desired results, your age, your skin's coloration, the amount of elasticity you have, your physical health, your smoking habits, and many more factors.

Whether you are in your 30s or 40's and need a minimum amount of facial rejuvenation or if you are in your 60's and 70's and want to turn back the hands of time by decades, you will be in good hands. Call to set up a consultation and let Dr. Ramirez discuss all of your options.

Dr. Ramirez's Facial Matrix™ is the result of decades of work as a world renown plastic surgeon and academic.

The Facial Matrix™ forms the basis for all of Dr. Ramirez's facial rejuvenation procedures including the nose, eyes, forehead, ears, cheeks and chin. It takes into consideration all of the parts of the face that enhance facial beautification; but also provides the scientific and aesthetic model from which one can calculate the ideal proportions and vectors for a successful surgical procedure.

If you're considering facial rejuvenation then you must learn more about the Facial Matrix™ and how it can help you.

If your face is out of proportion then Facial Implants can provide the necessary ingredients to bring it into proper balance.

As noted above modern medicine has realized that aging can be significantly influenced by the bones of the face, especially when they become smaller through atrophy. As a result Dr. Ramirez has developed a complete line of facial implants that can be used to create the perfect face.

The Golden Ratio has fascinated Western intellectuals of diverse interests for at least 2,400 years. Mathematicians first studied what we now call the golden ratio because of its frequent appearance in geometry.

Dr. Ramirez applies the Golden Ratio to his facial rejuvenation procedures with remarkable results.

If you're interested in finding out how the Golden Ratio can help you, please call to set up an appointment with Dr. Ramirez.

Rhinoplasties are among the most frequently requested procedures performed by Dr. Ramirez. There are two kinds of Rhinoplasty. Primary Rhinoplasty, as the name suggests, is a correction to the nose for the first time. Secondary Rhinoplasty, discussed below, is when a patient needs a second (third or fourth) operation to correct the shortcomings of a previous rhinoplasty.

Form and function are intricately connected when performing a rhinoplasty.

In addition, it is very important to consider the ethnicity of a patient. One rhinoplasty does not fit all. Dr. Ramirez makes sure that your new nose will be matched perfectly to the rest of you.

As mentioned above, a Secondary Rhinoplasty is performed when the primary rhinoplasty has failed. Dr. Ramirez is acclaimed for Secondary Rhinoplasties.

Patients from around the world come to Dr. Ramirez to help them correct failed rhinoplasties that they have had done by other physicians.

Correcting previous rhinoplasties requires exceptional skill, since often much of the bones, skin and cartilage have been removed.

Our Medical Micropigmentation Clinic helps men and women suffering from hair loss. We provide non-surgical solutions that are long-lasting and look completely natural. We are a medical facility that complies with hospital-grade standards. Micropigmentation is done by our medically trained professionals who are familiar with different skin conditions, sterilization procedures, disinfection regimens, aseptic techniques, and much more.

One of our most popular procedures is the Medical Scalp Micropigmentation (MSM). This is an artistic and highly precise procedure that places pigment directly into the dermal layer of the skin. Using specialized needles and pigments, tiny impressions - which resemble hair follicles - are made to the scalp. This procedure results in a visually appealing illusion of fuller hair. The results are natural and permanent.